Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics

Capacity Trust offers full day team building using the MBTI to facilitate the growth of the team and to improve team dynamics. This workshop commences with the same content as the half-day team building workshop. The second part of the MBTI program is customized depending on what the team needs and the key issues they are currently facing.

It is also an opportunity for team members to share insights and personal strategies that they are already working on and are committed to implementing. Prior to the workshop the Capacity Trust team surveys the team members and managers to identify the particular challenges the team is facing.

In general we find that there are 7 core issues that impact on teams and should be focused on in team building. These issues are:

  • Communication
  • Team culture
  • Leadership
  • Change
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Stress


We look at communication and styles of communication. The team practices using different techniques to communicate and engage different stakeholders.

Team culture

We look at the team’s type (based on the group type preference) and explore the implications on the type of information that the team focuses on, the type of information the team trusts and how the team in general makes decisions. We also examine the behavioural patterns that members believe are required to meet expectations and if this is healthy and constructive or in need of a shift.


Effective communication is a critical component in a leadership role. As a leader it is your responsibility to ensure communication lines remain clear, especially concerning roles and responsibilities. Many performance issues result from a disconnect with what the employee sees as important to focus on and what their people leader sees as important. As roles and responsibilities are defined and reviewed it is important to remember that some personality types prefer more clarity than others and more encouragement than other types. Understanding MBTI types helps mitigates some of these issues. During the workshop, the team has an opportunity to share current issues and through MBTI type, explore strategies and, potential pitfalls and suggestions for development.


We explore the impact of change on each personality type and teach strategies for dealing with change and ambiguity.

Problem solving

Having a deeper understanding of the team’s MBTI preferences can be useful when attempting to enhance problem solving ability. Most people have a tendency to skip over the parts of the process that require them to use their less preferred functions. By paying attention to all four functions a better solution results.

Conflict resolution

Conflict is usually the result of people’s inability to understand and accept each other’s values and choices. The MBTI uses affirming language and non judgmental terminology to promote healthy discussion and exploration of values, principles and choices based on preference. The MBTI teaches people that some of the choices we make are habitual and based on our personality preference. This session also highlights that type is not an excuse and that we all have the capacity for change and the opportunity to broaden our behavioural repertoire


Looking at stress through the MBTI type lens is a fascinating opportunity to understand the conditions that exacerbate and minimize stress in each type. We then explore strategies and set up personal actions plans for dealing with stress and minimizing the impact on our bodies, mind and relationships.


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