What is the PDA

What is the PDA

The Personal Development Analysis (PDA) is a powerful tool that through a simple, accurate and scientific methodology, allows you to describe and analyse the behavioural profile of individuals. Use PDA to determine people’s Behavioral Profiles, manage their talent and develop their skills. It is the fastest-growing Talent Management tool of recent years and it has been scientifically verified to have a 90% reliability rate. It has ISO9001 certification, meets EEOC requirements and has been internationally validated by AIOBP.

It’s simple and intuitive, enabling you to obtain a wide variety of reports and graphs over the Internet, providing information on individuals and teams.

With the PDA Assessment tool you will be able to:

  1. Hire the most suitable people for each Job
  2. Team up the best talent
  3. Develop leadership skills
  4. Select the best career path for executives and professionals
  5. Identify employees’ and team’s areas of strength and areas for improvement

This video describes the PDA:

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