sychometric Tests – Do they matter?

Psychometric Tests – Do they matter?

The objectives of psychometric tests are the measurement of skills and knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and educational achievement. It seems everybody has something to say about psychometric tests, and in particular, IQ tests. This has lead many people  asking questions like, “Do they work?” “Are they accurate?” and basically,  “Do they even matter?”

We found this excellent TED talk where Nathan Kuncel, professor of industrial-organizational psychology at the university of Minnesota, talks about standardized IQ tests and that there is quite a lot we can learn from them.

Nathan Kuncel is the Marvin D. Dunnette Distinguished Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at the University of Minnesota where he also earned his doctorate. Nathan’s research focuses broadly on how individual characteristics (intelligence, personality, interests) influence subsequent academic, work, and life success. His research has been discussed in the news including CNN, NPR, Chicago Tribute, and the Times of London. He received the Cattell Award from the Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology, the Anastasi Award from the American Psychological Association, and is a Fellow of SIOP.

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