PDA Sample Job Fit Report

PDA Sample Job Fit Report

We are very excited about the Personal Development Analysis (PDA) behavioural assessment tool that we distribute. The PDA is a powerful behavioral assessment tool that measures human behaviour and maps it to certain personality styles and competencies.

The PDA tool allows you to make a more informed decision on the selection of new hires or promotions. Ons of the ways the PDA does this is through a Job Fit report. The job fit report maps the individual’s results against that of a predetermines job. The PDA system has generic jobs in the Administrative, Leadership and Sales fields that can be used to match the candidates against.

The system also allows the user to create a group job fit report that ranks candidates against how well they fit the intended role.

Add science to your selection decisions

Click the link below to see a sample of the PDA Job Fit report

PDA Sample Job Fit Report

Use PDA to determine people’s Behavioral Profiles, manage their talent and develop their skills.

  • The fastest-growing Talent Management tool of recent years.
  • It has been scientifically verified to have a 90% reliability rate.
  • It has ISO9001 certification, meets EEOC requirements and has been internationally validated by AIOBP.
  • It’s simple and intuitive, enabling you to obtain a wide variety of reports and graphs over the Internet, providing information on individuals and team

With the PDA Assessment tool you will be able to…

  • Hire the most suitable people for each Job
  • Team up the best talent
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Select the best career path for executives and professionals
  • Identify employees’ and team’s areas of strength and areas for improvement


The PDA tool is designed to aid in your selection decision and not replace the selection process. Best practice dictates that the best companies combine a structured competency based interview with other assessment tools like reference checks, skills tests and psychometric tests.

Capacity Trust offers a wide range of employment tests that suit your need and your budget to select the best person for your organisation. We call it SELECT. Our consultants are trained on the widest variety of psychometric and other assessments. Testing forms part of the processes employed by leading organisations to improve their selection decisions. Find out more HERE