Any organisation is only as strong (and successful) as it’s people. From top management all the way down the ranks to even those with temporary potions, all employees reflect on the health and vitality of an organisation.

One sign of a strong and healthy organisation is when employees are advancing up the corporate ladder and when managers are being sourced from within the organisation as opposed to recruiting management externally.

In any organisation there are employees that may be more suited to advancing to a managerial role than others. So how do you decide which employee has the right qualities for such a role? What are the qualities that point to a future manager?

Future managers know their trade

Employees who exhibit expertise and a strong desire to continue learning may have management potential. Knowledge, whether technical or institutional, is a great asset to any organization. What is more, these employees understand that their activities and expertise contribute to the success of the business.

Future managers are respected by co-workers

If the bosses aren’t the only ones who talk well of an employee, this employee could be a future leader. Employees who are known and respected by other employees can be a good choice for a managerial role because they are trusted by everyone in the company.

Future managers have ambition

Future leaders demonstrate a clear focus when it comes to their career. Ambition can be recognized by looking at an employee’s past achievements and chosen career path. Career choices that reflect the taking on of new responsibilities, the ability to generate success, and the willingness to learn new skills all point to a potential leader.

Future managers are team players

Team Player

Team Player

Being able to work well with other employees is just as important as harboring an ambition to get ahead of the pack. A correct social attitude consists of more than just friendliness. Team work requires a pragmatic and tactical approach if it is to lead to better decision making.

Future managers have guts

No matter how many assessments or analyses they perform, future leaders realize that every business decision involves a degree of risk. Leaders have the courage to take occasionally risks, even if it the results may not turn out as expected. Employees who demonstrate the ability to take intelligent risks, based on their own judgment of a situation, may well be just what your company needs to reach new heights.

Not one of these qualities is more important than the others. In fact, a good manager needs to possess all these qualities in equal measures. So if you have an employee that fits this bill, you may have found your newest manager.