Investing in team building

Investing in team building

Any business or organisation that employs two or more staff members effectively has created a team. A team can be seen as a group of individuals that work together towards a common goal or vision and who share in its rewards. The collective sum of the strengths and weaknesses determine the successes or failures of any team. In order to succeed as a team, putting in effort in developing the very core strengths and skills of each team member is indispensable as is identifying and resolving the weaknesses and shortcomings of each member.

Building a ‘winning’ team is the primary purpose and focus of team building and thus investing in it makes sense as it will define the level of success, in practically every area, of a business or organisation.

Below are four reasons why investing in team building makes sense.

  1. Installs Trust

Trust is vitally important within any business or organisation and without it, employees will neither deliver at their full capacity nor will they contribute and communicate openly or freely (consciously or subconsciously). According to John Castro, the CEO of Merrill Corporation, “Trust is critical in business because it can make or break a team, and business can no longer survive without teams.”

Team building activities that are designed to encourage building trust can allow employees to depend more on one another and require an element of trust to bring about success. These activities can install trust amongst employees that will permeate into the work place.

  1. Improves Communication

Communication always happens in a business or organisation, but effective communication is critical for success. Regardless of whether it is top management to middle management, between departments or amongst employees, communication is a key to unlocking potential and profits.

Team building, when done effectively and with intent, can improve communication, encourage expression and verbalization and establish ways of approaching arguments or tension in a more professional and respectful manner. Ensuring that employees hear what employers are saying and having employees feel that they are being heard, all contribute to more productive and profitable working environments.

  1. Inspires Collaboration
Investing in team building

Investing in team building

Surveys from the American Management Association found that 60% of executives listed lack of collaboration as one of their top leadership challenges. Collaboration is best described as working together on one objected to achieve shared goals.

Collaboration requires trust and good communication but also helps develop both within the work place. Team building activities geared towards inspiring collaboration help to let employees and employers alike see the value and benefit of working together and to experience the reward of achieving shared goals.

  1. Identifies Talent

Just as trust, communication and collaboration can be cultivated via investing in team building, so too can be the invaluable process of identifying talent from within a business or organisation’s workforce. On many occasions human resource departments will go to great lengths to externally source specific skills needed by a business or organisation without realising that those very skills are available on hand internally within the business or organisation’s very own personnel.

When delivered correctly and with the correct approach, team building activates are a very effective way of drawing out, not only creativity, but also talents and skills not normally required on the job. Identifying particular skills and talents amongst employees will allow a business or organisation to tap into these when necessary and by encouraging and developing various individuals, can prove to be an incredible asset to a business or organisation.

Investing in team building in a business or organisation will not only install trust, improve communication, inspire collaboration and identify talent, but will also ease conflicts, increase productivity, reduce costs, improve moral, thwart creativity and a plethora of other factors, which at the end of the day, make a business or organisation successful at what they do.

Some people call it training, some call it development. We call it GROW. Through bespoke in-house programmes and carefully selected partners we grow the capacity of employees in organisations. Consultants at Capacity Trust are qualified to provide soft skills training and team building to all organisations in all industries in Namibia. Find out more HERE


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