Presenter types

Presenter types

Presentations, from a sales pitch or training session to an annual report,  can either be an invigorating experience or it can be a moment of dread for both presenter and audience. Many argue that it is the presentation content that determines how interesting a presentation is, but it is not the only determining factor.

While preparing for a new Sales Training course we came across this insightful survey on the Make a Powerful Point blog. In a post by Gavin McMahon,  founding partner at Fassforward Consulting Group, he writes that there are 6 types of presenters. He states that, “If you understand which one you are, if you understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie, you can get better.”

Using a simple, animated self evaluation survey on the fassforward website, you can determine your presenter type which can be helpful in unlocking your potential and building your capacity to be a better presenter and improve on creating more effective presentations. The survey will which of the 6 presenter types you are. There are 6 presenter types:

  1. The Coach
  2. The Inventor
  3. The Counsellor
  4. The Storyteller
  5. The Teacher
  6. The Coordinator

Each one of these presenter types comes with their own unique strengths and challenges and by identifying these you can easily improve your presentation skills, both in preparation and the presentation.

You can take the survey HERE and find more details on each type HERE

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