#RWC2015 Lesson 3

#RWC2015 Lesson 3

Rugby and sport in general gives us many moments that allow us to reflect and apply the lessons form the playing field to the real world of the boardroom, the classroom or workstation. Continuing with the series of articles on the lessons we can learn form the Rugby World Cup 2015. The third lesson: Keep perspective.

Keeping perspective is all about trying to focus on what you are doing right now and not to be overwhelmed by all the circumstances and events around you.

 Time and time again sport journalists try to get players and coaches to say things like: “Yes, of course we’re going to win” etc, but time and time again they are disappointing by the players and coaches responding with the “we’re only focusing at the next game…” standard answer. That ability to keep perspective is something we can apply to our every day life at work or at home.

It’s been a challenging week on and off the field for a number of big rugby nations in the RWC. Most notably, that of Heyneke Meyer and the Springboks. While the All Black and Australia (their main rivals to the overall prize) eased through their first few matches the Springboks lost against Japan and then put in a physical performance against the team from Samoa to win relatively comfortably. Quoting the NZ Herald: “Losing to Japan was simply an inexplicable, one-off result that makes sport what it is.

This week’s lesson of keeping perspective show us how it may feel that the world is falling apart and that everything is going wrong. Then another day/week/game and the world seems right again. To change everything and make reactive changes to a once-off event may be like throwing out the proverbial baby with the bathwater.

The Springbok coach told of having sleepless nights and having his family harassed back home. Fast forward 7 days with England losing against Wales and Scotland beating the USA comprehensively the world is looking much rosier for the beleaguered South African rugby team.

Finally, this week’s lesson is explained very nicely by Tony Robbins in the video clip below.

In the video Robbins shares his struggles with golf. Nothing is going straight. His coach then says that if he makes a slight adjustment to the angle at which he hits the ball even just 1 millimeter the ball will go straight. Even such a tiny change will make the world of  difference.

He continues to say that this is a fantastic life lesson for us (and very applicable to the topic of this post). When everything is going wrong. When you feel that you have no control and you are literally in the bush, normally you are only 1 millimeter away from success. Somewhere something that you are doing is 1 millimeter off. Unfortunately, most people tend to lose perspective and think it’s impossible to fix the problem. Then they just give up and walk away or they try to change everything and lose potentially valuable lessons that could have been applied.

So, keep perspective and try to find that 1 mm when you are in a difficult spot and cannot seem to get out. Check out Tony’s video below and let us know what you think in the comments section below or on our Facebook or twitter pages.

p.s. This video also shows the importance of having a coach. Someone to help you keep perspective. Please contact us if you need a coach.