Culturation – Ownership

When attempting to make the vision or the change part of the culture we should be extremely careful of thinking within short term measures. Leaders often give up a drive towards a culture change towards a new vision just before they reach the curve in which more acceptance of the vision and buy in is soon to be achieved. I have often been surprised by leaders reporting to me in utter desperation that they believe the vision will never be achieved just to return the next meeting rejoicing about the puzzle pieces falling into place. This often depends on the choice they made to push through or see what they can learn from failure before they even failed (falling to the wild horse thoughts).

The wild Horse drives leaders to see short term hindrances as stoppages and loose heart while needing to continue towards the ultimate goal. Followers see this dynamic within leaders and therefore are not completely committed to the vision. When the leader then gets frustrated and moves back to the way it was before the followers see this as a confirmation that the leader never intended to drive towards the vision and return to previous destructive or ineffective behavior.


As leaders we need to be keenly aware that impacting a culture within the organisation is something that take time to build towards. The analogy of a wall being build explains it well. As you build a wall foundations need to be dug and slowly one builds the foundation. As a house owner one often feels like nothing is done since no visible progress is seen. The builder focuses on getting one stone placed at a time and having that secured well. Then suddenly the wall starts growing with strides and soon the building walls are up to roof height.

Culture is the same way. At first it tends to be extremely frustrating since there is resistance etc. that needs to be negotiated through. While this can be very frustrating at times it is crucial to the complete culture change. When buy in is found we see progress and “sudden” impacts are seen all around.

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