Substance abuse has become a great issue in the workplace. More employees find themselves abusing substances to maintain their performance as well as cope with everyday life stressors.

Some of the most noteworthy consequences of substance abuse on an organization are absenteeism, lack or loss of productivity, inefficiency and workplace harassment due to the tense atmosphere caused by the affected workers.

Organizations should consider the increased amount of substance abuse and proactively address its consequences but also strive to inform employees about help institutions and opportunities to fight against it and finally, overcome the abuse. By tackling the underlying problem of the substance abuse, most of the abusers are able to detach and free themselves from that drug eventually.

It’s important to be empathetic and supportive when it comes to that topic at work. Employees are often afraid of revealing and sharing their problems due to being perceived as weak and out of fear of being terminated from their jobs. When stigma is reduced, it is likely that people will seek help without fear and will speak openly about substance use issues.

In order to keep a healthy organization climate, employers can provide regular information days, prevention training and ongoing communication to make sure that any of their employees are fine and also to show that they care about their staff. Employers can also consider adopting a zero-tolerance approach in their company. They can clarify their norms, values, and attitudes within the organization such as avoiding alcohol even at company events in order to reduce the prominence and importance of it at social events and being a good example for the staff.