Golf Psychology

Golf Psychology

Every golfer has a hole that causes them to get nervous. Maybe it’s the long tee shot or the bunkers around the green that you always get stuck in.

Whatever it is, it’s normally enough to put you off your game.

This week’s tip:

Accept What Will Happen, In Advance: Paradoxically, to get the results you want, you need to release your urge to micromanage these results during your swing. Players who are control freaks can’t let go of their conscious mental control that makes their swing guided and tight. Instead, accept what will happen in advance, trust your swing and let it fly. When you have a strong mental game of golf, you know that letting go paradoxically gives you more unconscious control.

“I would go so far to say that on at least half of my best scoring rounds my golf wasn’t especially brilliant.” – Jack Nicklaus