Golf Psychology

Golf Psychology

Padraig Harrington once said that he’s performed better since he made acceptance part of his pre-shot routine. As he prepares to hit a shot, Padraig reminds himself that whatever happens to it, he will accept it and go from there.

This allows him to focus narrowly on his target and swing freely.

This week’s tip:

Get out of results and get into process. There’s a goal called a “process goal.” Success comes from patiently and persistently doing the right things over and over. Process goals are the “to-do lists” of players striving for excellence. The process is what gives you a chance to find out how good you can be. The driving range is where you practice. Once you’re out on the course try to limit your process goals for the day to one or two things. E.g. focus on the rhythm of your swing or trying not to three putt.

“I’m not worrying about these other guys, I’m worrying about myself. I’m fighting myself more than anybody else.” – Bubba Watson