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Free Jung Type Indicator Assessment

According to the knowledgeable people at, this is the most accurate FREE personality type testing tool.

Before I give you the link I have to first share the following information.

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Psychometric Assessment – Privacy Statement

Recent changes in the legislative framework in the EU and South Africa has changed the way organisations are allowed to collect and use their client’s data. Capacity Trust (through our strategic service providers Psytech International) strive for the highest levels of security with client data.

Please read the privacy statement below:

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The Implications of the Income Tax Amendment Act, 2018

During his budget speech earlier this year, Hon. C Schlettwein announced that certain areas will be targeted for tax reform, including the abolishment of manufacturing incentives, repeal of export processing zones, introduction of a dividends tax on local dividends, taxing of commercial activities of charitable institutions, taxation of trusts, providing for the taxation of foreign income and increasing of individual tax rates.

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The Power of Personality to Increase your Income

The article is probably not what you expect. When we think about personality we think of it as something that someone has or does not have. For example: “She has a great personality” or “He has a big personality”. Often we associate personality with a certain limited amount of characteristics such as gregariousness and extroversion. These traits are associated with people who are persuasive and as a result, they may convince their employers (current or future) to pay them more. I’m no psychic, but that is probably what you thought this article is about. The fact is that everyone has a personality (believe me) and there is new research to prove that “people whose personality traits match up well with the demands of their jobs earn more than those who are in less ideal careers for their personality types” (Winerman, 2018, p.11). And that is what this article is really about. Career Guidance.

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Capacity Trust Career Guidance

Career guidance is crucial to choosing the right path to a successful career. Many individuals choose a career that might not suit them, but choosing a career should not be a guessing game. With the right guidance, choosing a career becomes easy. Career guidance offered by Capacity Trust utilizes modern career interest tests and offers guidance to which career should be pursued for the most career success and personal happiness.