Psytech Testing Certificate

The Psytech Testing Certificate (PTC) is a three day programme which confers the EFPA Level 1 Assistant Test User (ATU) Certificate and provides access to the full range of Psytech’s GeneSys assessments. This programme takes delegates beyond the test administration skills achieved in the one-day ATU Course and covers all that is required to independently interpret and feedback Psytech assessments.

This course is ideal for those whose assessment needs are met by the Psytech GeneSys range of assessments and are unable therefore to justify the five day Combined Course.

The Psytech Testing Certificate (PTC) is a three day course designed for anyone, in any field, wishing to use psychometrics in their business professionally, ethically and effectively. This course will provide access to all Psytech Assessments, which, after successful completion of the course, can be used in full. Whilst the five day Combined Course would enable completely independent test use and access to the wider testing market, the PTC enables full use of all Psytech tests supported by Psytech GeneSys software. As our test library is comprehensive, this option provides an efficient and cost effective route to full psychometric capability throughout your organisation. We regularly train human resource professionals, line managers, education counsellors’, career counsellors’ and psychologists who wish to use tests to aid selection, development, guidance, coaching and counselling to name but a few of the possible applications for Psytech Assessments.

The Course Objectives

  • To provide a basic grounding in the theory and practice of ability and personality testing.
  • To enable delegates to gain access to all Psytech tests of ability, interests, values and personality.
  • To equip delegates with the knowledge required to choose psychometric tests for specific applications.
  • To enable delegates to successfully implement objective assessment methods for selection, development, counselling and guidance.
  • To enable delegates to qualify for the EFPA Assistant Test User Certificate and to be included in the BPS Register of Qualified Test users (RQTU).

Block Bookings

Block booking is a method of reserving multiple training places at a substantial cost saving. You only need decide how many places you or your company requires, and confirm them by a single invoice paid before commencement of the first delegate’s training. Once you have paid for a block booking you have complete flexibility of when you send delegates for training; they can all attend one course (subject to availability) or can be spread across any of our future courses to suit your staff requirements. We do note that the option of block booking is very popular with many clients.

Not only does it have commercial advantages both in terms of price and flexibility, but delegates also find they benefit from learning with others from a diverse range of professional backgrounds and benefit from the sharing of individual experiences. Furthermore, delegates also benefit by avoiding the distractions that inevitably arise by still being ‘at work’ and thus able to concentrate fully on the course requirements.

In-House Training

If you have 6 or more colleagues who need to be trained, it may be cost-effective to organise a course at a time and venue of your choice. If the training is for one organisation, this provides the added benefit that the training can be focused on your specific assessment requirements. Contact Psytech to discuss your training requirements.

  • By far the best course (License to Lead) I’ve ever done and I’ve done many. The toolkits are highly appreciated.
    Nico Nampower
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