Assessment of Workplace Integrity

Measures of integrity have consistently been shown to be good predictors of work-based performance across a range of roles and settings. Attitudes towards integrity have been found not only to predict honesty at work, but also to predict compliance with organisational rules systems and procedures, adherence to safety protocols, risk avoidance, etc. Having a well-defined sense of personal integrity, and a clear commitment to high ethical standards, has also been shown to be correlated with global ratings of work performance across many jobs.

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What the Solution Measures

This solution assesses attitudes and behaviours that are difficult to elicit using other methods. It measures an individual’s personal integrity and ethics in a work context. It uses an innovative format to minimise response bias and is designed to help reduce counter productive work behaviours that can result in shrinkage, etc. A number of field trials and experimental simulations have demonstrated its ability to predict meaningful criteria.

The Integrity measure investigates attitudes towards workplace issues such as:

  • Following rules and regulations
  • Being respectful of authority
  • Conducting oneself according to high moral standards and having a strong sense of right and wrong
  • Conducting oneself in an honest manner
  • Avoiding self-serving behaviours or benefiting from others mistakes

Although workplace integrity is the main focus of the solution, it also provides additional insights into the following workplace measures:

  • Meticulousness – describes the importance candidates place on being systematic and orderly in their work.
  • Perseverance – describes the importance candidates place on completing tasks and persevering in the face of setbacks.
  • Industriousness – describes the importance candidates place on workplace productivity and efficiency.
  • Agreeableness – describes the importance candidates place on being kind and considerate, and on emphasising the needs and sensitivities of others.
  • Stress Tolerance – describes the importance candidates place on being able to cope well under pressure and take most stressful situations in their stride.

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