Namibian Norms

Capacity Trust has embarked on a project to create truly Namibian norms for the assessments we use. To date most psychometric assessments used by professionals in the field has relied on the use of South African or African norms. This begs the obvious question if the Namibian population is similar to the South African population and also asks the question of the effectiveness of using this as a benchmark. With the assistance of Psytech International our aim is to create a database big enough in order to create norms for Namibia for a variety of tests.

The general purpose of occupational testing is to provide objective data that can be used along with subjective impressions to make better selection and development decisions. In order to make this relevant we use norm-referenced tests. This type of test yields information regarding an individual’s performance in comparison to a norm or average of performance by similar individuals. (e.g. Managers, Technicians, Scholars, etc.) Norms, therefore, are statistics that describe the test performance of a defined group of people. As mentioned above potentially there are a number of possible norm groups for any test. Since a person's relative ranking may vary widely, depending upon the norm group used for comparison. Therefore the composition of the norm group is a crucial factor in the interpretation of norm-referenced scores.

The normative sample should be described in sufficient detail with respect to demographic characteristics (e.g., gender, race or ethnic background, community or geographic region, socioeconomic status, and educational background) to permit us to assess whether it is meaningful to compare an examinee's performance to their norm's group. Therefore we need you to complete all the demographic information boxes below in as much detail as possible.

Every assessment we use have built in scales that measure for malfeasant responding. In other words the test identifies if someone is trying to manipulate the results. Trying to influence the results is obviously unethical and if this type of responding is identified the data will be discarded.
Once you have completed the test the results are randomised after a period of time. In other words identifying criteria is removed to use the results for research purposes.

Lastly, there are several different tests that we need to gather norm data for. For every test you complete you will receive an additional entry into the draw for the prize.

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