Still on our way to getting more informed on how EQ makes our organisation more profitable and with the last post we decided to get more clarity on the meaning of EQ so that we can understand its place in organisational profitability more. Lets return to those three words giving greater clarity on EQ namely:

  • Recognize,
  • Understand and
  • Managing

First I would like to talk about Recognizing your emotions. Many people acknowledge that emotions are powerful and that they have a definite control over their lives. Very few people however take the time to stop and consider which emotions they are experiencing.

Even less people consider what emotions are within others. Could you see that the skill of perceiving own emotions and those of others could make you much more effective at work and home?

If this one element makes you more effective just consider how it would make your organisation more effective if all persons within the organisation could just learn to be more effective in this area?

Would the increase in this skill create more sales in the sales department? would it improve the service rendering of the service department? would it increase the service to internal customers? Would it cause people within the staff complement to feel more empowered and valued? How would all this impact the profitability of an organisation?