We are very fortunate to have the Capricorn Group who has agreed to sponsor the Tomorrow’s Leaders Today initiative. Capacity Trust is proud to announce our young leaders’ development programme. As part of our efforts to give back to the community, we are offering a workshop on personality type and leadership.


Capacity Trust is a Human Resources Consultancy specialising the areas of

  • Psychometric Assessment,
  • Training and Development and
  • Wellness.

Qualified professionals in the Industrial and Organisational Psychology field are used to present the training programme.


The objectives of the leadership workshop are to:

  • Get better acquainted with one another, the team leadership, and the team culture
  • Form new teams
  • Manage change, conflict, and stress
  • Improve communication and problem solving
  • Build leadership and followership skills


A workshop is designed to present personality type theory to scholars/students. Using the Jung Personality Types, we assess the participant’s personality type and give them structured feedback around their individual type and how this impacts on their ability to lead, communicate and solve problems individually and as a team.

Figure 1 explains that by creating Self-Awareness of individual strengths and weaknesses we aim to encourage participants to Self-Manage their behaviour. Self-Awareness and Self-Management lead to Interpersonal-Awareness which allows the participants to adjust their behaviour to accommodate the preferences of others and this lead to the goal of Interpersonal-Management.


With great thanks to the Capricorn Group, this programme is presented at no charge to schools as part of Capacity Trust’s corporate social responsibility programme. All we need is the time and the venue to present this to the students.

If you or your school is interested to participate in this exercise, please contact us by completing the contact forms on the website.