Happy Holiday

Happy Holiday

At this time of the year most people are leaving for holiday and spending time with the family, but often people start feeling stressed during the holidays. However, while you are supposed to be relaxing and recovering from all the exertions at work during the last twelve months, you can’t seem to enjoy the holiday as much as you would like to and need to.

It is essential that you get the most our of your holiday, that you have a happy stress free holiday, so that you are ready for the next year that lies ahead. There are ways that you can overcome stress and have a happy stress free holiday – these four simple tips will help you to relax and enjoy the holiday.

Tip 1 – Plan it

Most people try to completely switch off during the holidays. This includes not planning anything and just trying to vegetate. However, not planning anything leads to many last minute decision having to be made. (e.g. “What are we going to eat tonight?” and “What are we going to do today?”) These last minute decisions that have to be made can also lead to decision fatigue that we have previously posted on. So to eliminate this stressor, plan out your holiday beforehand. In other words, plan your menu’s and activities. The plans do not need to be precise and perfect, but a rough outline on what you will be doing will greatly reduce stress.

Tip 2 – Me-time

Holidays are times when you have family around and they are truly around, all the time. 24/7 company also has a fatiguing effect. While it’s fun having friend and family it is also important to schedule some “me-time”. Make some time, maybe in the early afternoon for quiet time. All the kids and everyone goes and has a bit of time off. The Spanish have been very successful in using their siestas to catch up on sleep and have some time for private thought and reflection.

Tip 3 – Get some sleep

Since you don’t have to get up early, many people use holidays to go to bed late and visit until the early morning hours. Depriving your body of its regular sleep cycle makes you more ratty and irritated the following morning. Getting regular sleep and even more sleep than usual will do wonders for your time of rest and recreation.

Tip 4 – Don’t take it personally

With many people around it is easy to misunderstand each other and take offense. During your holiday try to take any comments and suggestions in the best possible light. In other words if a family member or a friend makes a comment that could be interpreted positively and negatively, try to see it in a positive way. In the holiday, people often let their guard down and may not say things as carefully as they might in a business meeting, however their intention may be good. So bite your tongue and count to ten before responding. This may preserve relationships and facilitate a great holiday.

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