Kick-start the New Year

Kick-start the New Year

Are you suffering from Sunday blues? But now it seems to be the whole of January. Does it feel like you are weighed down by the mountain of things that need to be restarted etc.?

How about kick-starting your year with a new and fresh mind-set?

When working with individuals and teams we often find that the following three realities mess with their ability to start of the year powerfully: 1.) They lose their why in the holiday season, 2.) Their vision gets blurred and 3.) They focus on the loss of the good times and therefore lack drive.

Let us review these three factors.

1. They lose their why in the holiday season.

We all do things because we have to, or are told to do those things. Very few of us know why we do things. During 2014 we were privileged to work with many teams and helping them to discover their why. This was always a great energy and drive booster. When we have a clear picture of the reason why we do things motivation levels peak and we become much more engaged.

With “why” we’re not referring to earning a salary, if that is the only reason why we do things we are to be pitied. Salary should be a result of our why and our why should even increase our salary expectation because of our increase in effectiveness. Salary is however, contrary to popular opinion, more of a de-motivator than a motivator. (Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory explains this phenomenon) 

We find that most individuals either do not have a clue why they do what they do and those that do now tend to lose the focus they should have on the why over the holiday season.

Therefore to kick-start your year consider the reason why you do the things we do.

2. Their vision gets blurred.

Just like many taxi’s, trucks and many other cars slipped and had accidents on the Windhoek roads with the start of the rainy season , many Namibians also have a slippery start to the year because they also lose control of their life direction. Just like our vision in a vehicle could be hampered by rain we also have a blurred vision of where we are moving towards in this coming year. A person with a hampered vision is always insecure, afraid and tends to have a low drive.

If you really want to kick-start your year we recommend that you get clarity on what you are aiming at this year. The clearer the picture the better the kick-start.

3. They focus on the loss of the good times and therefore lack drive.

When we change from one surrounding to another it is natural to experience a loss. Even when this is a good change we could be tricked by our “Wild Horse” to focus on the worst thing that we get out of the change. This is probably one of the main contributing factors towards the loss people experience when they are about to return to work or have just returned. Beating this tendency is crucial to our kick-start of 2015. This is done by forcing ourselves to focus on the good things we are experiencing and will experience.

In Conclusion

Kick-start the year by:

  • Knowing your why!
  • Focusing on your vision for the year!
  • Remind yourself of the good things now and in future! 

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