Pay Management

Pay Management

What is the link between a salary survey and a pay scale? How do I read and interpret the salary survey results? What are the fundamental design principles I need to be aware of?

Two day course from (2nd and 3rd February 2016) that will help you better understand salary structuring, salary surveys and pay scales.

At the end of the course the delegate will:

  • Understand what a pay structure is and why organisations have pay structures
  • Be able to identify features of a well-designed pay structure
  • Understand what determines salary scales/grading
  • Understand why there is a need to conduct salary surveys
  • Understand how to read and interpret salary surveys
  • Understand what influences the design of pay structures
  • Know how to develop a pay structure
  • Understand pay progression policy
  • Understand how to effectively implement pay structures
  • Understand terminology, definitions and formulae

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