It’s not about you but it’s up to you!

Joseph Butler states, happiness does not consist in self-love. Still many people are told to love themselves since that is the Cornerstone of happiness. So, is happiness about you?

I recently had the privilege to speak to a hero of the freedom struggle in Namibia. He shared his wisdom with me regarding success and this confirmed again the importance of happiness not being about you but up to you. His view of success is that it is doing something that makes you happy. He added to this “happiness can only be found in doing something for someone or something else”.

The law of self states that we always tend to think about ourselves first. This is a natural law of OUR nature and we do it without even realising it most of the times. We naturally think of ourselves first and if we do not take our thoughts away from that point we tend to busy ourselves with ourselves. It is this law that is the core reason for people to focus so much on themselves and loose happiness.

It is as it was with the legend of Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection and could not stop looking at it and died because of this enchantment with himself. In the same way it is up to us to force ourselves to focus on other people and find our happiness in doing good to others. The alternative is to become so narcissistically busy with ourselves that we are captured by the reflection and never find true happiness that drives the success my dear friend spoke off.

“I realise that we don’t do things for success. We just do the things because we love doing it, because we derive happiness from doing them. When it makes you and others happy, it is success.” – My dear Friend