According to the knowledgeable people at, this is the most accurate FREE personality type testing tool.

Before I give you the link I have to first share the following information.

Firstly, by completing the test you will automatically be subscribed to their mailing list (not ours) and you may receive promotional emails from them. As a result, we cannot take any responsibility for any damage or nuisance arising from this.

Secondly, free personality assessment tools like the ones you get on social media and even this website are not as valid and reliable as what secure versions are. That’s not to say that the online tools are without base and totally irrelevant. A lot of the research around personality is open to the public and with the right skills, you could potentially create a fairly accurate assessment. The question then remains if the assessment is reflective of the population where you are using it. Now, I do not want to go into an academic discussion about reliability and validity here. The point is just not to expect the same quality test as you will get from a registered professional.

Finally, this online test is just an indicator and should not be confused with a controlled mode assessment. The BPA and the ITC make a distinction between ‘open mode’ tests and administration such as this one. Anyone can access the test and do it whenever. However other tests are delivered in what the ITC and BPA call ‘controlled mode’ where a unique link and passwords are sent to a specific user who is known to the test administrator. This controlled mode is an acceptable form of test administration and delivery of tests in the workplace. Open mode tests such as the test below are not acceptable for high stakes assessments.

With all that in mind, here is the link:

If you are interested in further assessments please contact us.