Golf Psychology

Golf Psychology

Do you arrive at the golf course hoping that your A game will show up as well? Do you have a system for insuring concentration will be zoned in?

Concentration, and the ability to focus on the present task while ignoring all outside distractions, is one of the most important mental skills in golf. Players who give consistent performances know how to concentrate and stay focuses by fine-tune their minds.

This weeks tip

Dampen The Noise In Your Head: You might have thoughts of self-doubt, worry, fearful images and other internal distractions, but you can cover them up. As you begin your pre-shot routine, listen to your breathing or hum a tune to block out these unwanted thoughts and images. When you have a strong mental game of golf, you know how to manage your mind, and your focus.

“My ability to concentrate and work towards that goal has probably been my greatest asset” – Jack Nicklaus