25 January 2017 is a special day designed to take your business and life, to the next level.

Please save the date and book your participation:

Why?!  Namibia is financially in an ‘interesting’ difficult time: You must be prepared  for the challenges of 2017.  We need new thinking and better action plans:

Four international speakers to  talk on ‘next level’ …

ü  STRATEGY :  Next level strategy: Dr Mark Manley. Consultant to the Treasury in RSA

ü  MARKETING: Integrated social media marketing techniques: Mr Hano Jacobs CEE; Realty1; COO Paytech

ü  PEOPLE & TEAMS: Work/life integration, Unity in diversity Teams: Dr Gustav Gous, International speaker, Executive Coach, President: PSAN

ü  CREATIVITY/ EXPANSION: Creative new thinking:  Mr Fredrik Härén, Sweden: Best speaker award. Consultant to International Brands


Aplication form in Word: Next level PSAN conf participation form 2017

Application form in PDF: Next level PSAN conf participation form 2017

At the same time we will showcase some of the best local speakers such as Sam Shivute and Sigi Lange, and other professional members of PSAN such as: Brendan Ihmig, Coen Welsh, Candy Ngula, Michael Chikwililwa and others.

Mr. Fredrik Härén

Voted best speaker in Sweden, Consultant to International Brands, preferred international conference speaker for Multi-Nationals.  Creative new thinking and expansion. Relevant for your professional and private life. Local business with global perspective. Operating from Singapore.

Dr. Mark Manley

Preferred strategy consultant of the Treasury in South Africa. Only new strategic action will produces better results. Of special value to companies and government departments SMME’s and NGO’s/FBO’s.  specialist in strategic leadership. Author: “The Leader-Ship”

Mr. Hano Jacobs

CEO: Realty1, COO of Paytec.  He built a business empire through an  integrated internet, and social media marketing system. Can help to take your business and brand to the next level.  Also very valuable for small businesses and individual operators.

Dr. Gustav Gous

International Executive coach and speaker. Success comes through the secret how to motivate people and get diverse people to work together to achieve the goal. Very relevant for teams, big or small and private individuals. Clients on 5 continents.

Mr. Sam Shivute

Sam is currently the Director of Banking Services at Bank of Namibia. Sam is the CEO and founder of Sam SHIVUTE Inspiration a company specializing in motivational speaking, executive coaching, leadership and strategic business consulting.

To register your attendance:

Two steps:

  1. Mail: “I/we want to attend” to sigi@capacitytrust.com , cc gustav@gustavgous.co.za
  2. Pay participation fee to secure your seat/table. Individuals N$1100 per person; Discounted Tables of 10: N$9890.  Invoices generated by Maggy at  accounts@capacitytrust.com

Special offers to Namibian Speakers, coaches and Trainers: Pay only N$1,100 to both sign up as a member of The Professional Speakers Association of Namibia and to buy your ticket for the conference (N$550 for the Conference Ticket and N$550 towards your first PSAN membership fee installment)

NB: There will be a special private meeting/dinner with Mr. Fredrik Härén for PSAN members only! So sign up! (Just say in your mail: “I want to become a member too!”)
The meeting with will take place the evening before the conference. 24 Jan 2017 19:00
Deadline for eligibility to sign up as a member for this once in a lifetime evening and day opportunity is Friday 20/January/2017

(Selected PSAN Professional Members will be allowed to present a 5min showcase of their content at the conference)


Sigi – 0811281626 | sigi@capacitytrust.com
Michael – 081 245 7250 | Email: michael@visionmultimedia.com.na
Maggy – (061) 222 520 | Email: accounts@capacitytrust.com


Bank Details:

Account Name: PSAN
Bank Name: First National Bank
Branch: Mareua Mall
Acc #: 6225 9128 687
Branch Code: 282 273


Registration Process:

If you are a private individual, make your payment of N$1,100.
Email the completed form & proof of payment to Michael & Maggy.
If you are a company buying a table (10 delegates) email your proof of payment of N$9,900 to Michael & Maggy.
You will receive an invoice from Maggy.
If you want to become a PSAN Member: Mention it in the mail: You will receive an email from Michael confirming your membership and/or booking for the conference.