fnbIn this section we will profile some of our clients

Client Name:

First National Bank Namibia – Marketing Department

Client’s Business:

FNB Namibia Ltd. provides a full range of financial services to individuals through our Retail Banking Division, while our Business Commercial and RMB Divisions offer services and solutions that meet the needs of enterprises – both large and small – throughout the country. Our extensive countrywide branch and automated teller machine (ATM) network, as well as FNB Namibia Online and Cellphone Banking, ensure that you have access to your accounts around the clock wherever you are. Investing in the community and future of our country is a priority. The FNB Namibia Foundation is the vehicle through which we support non-profit organisations and institutions working towards the development and empowerment of the broader community.

Their need:

They needed a team-building intervention to understand the strength of the team’s diversity in order to improve communications and positively use interpersonal differences, by appreciating the diversity in the team.

How did we improve their capacity? or How did we help them? (pun intended)

One of our skilled facilitators did a morning session with their staff members on personality types and guided them through the communication and thinking styles of the different personality types. Over the next few months this will be enhanced through 1 hour interventions focusing on the key ingredients required for a successful team. These include communication, stress and conflict among others.