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Identifying high-potential talent is the priority in the use of psychometric assessments

CEB b&WEvery year CEB (previously SHL) does a survey to determine trends in the global use of psychometric tests. They call it the Global Assessment Trend Report and the 2014 version is particularly interesting and relevant to our situation in Namibia.

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Emotional intelligence & Profitability cont. 3

Welcome back! In our last Blog we started with the first element of Emotional Intelligence which is Recognizing Emotions. Today I would like to consider the second element which is Understanding where  your and other people’s emotions come from.

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Emotional Intelligence & Profitability cont. 2 – Recognise

Still on our way to getting more informed on how EQ makes our organisation more profitable and with the last post we decided to get more clarity on the meaning of EQ so that we can understand its place in organisational profitability more. Lets return to those three words giving greater clarity on EQ namely:

  • Recognize,
  • Understand and
  • Managing

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Job Evaluations – What do I do – Part 2

So today I sat in on a meeting with a union where we discussed their job evaluations. I am not specifically trained to do job evaluations I thought it may be worth a mention on here, since it falls nicely into the domain of what we offer as services, but also in the Organisational Development sphere of HR and consulting.

So what exactly is a job evaluation?

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Practice Tests

CEBWe often get asked if you can prepare for psychometric tests. The short answer is: “Not really” since the questions are normally randomized and very well protected by the test developers to protect the integrity of the test.

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