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From Lustful to Loving Leadership – 2

Last week you where challenged to evaluate your team. A huge thank you to all of you that sent me feedback. It was very encouraging to see the interest. If you have not received the follow up sheet that helps you bring it closer to home please find it below:

With the transfer information and the video’s that will be going out on Facebook and LinkedIn as well as on my YouTube Channel you should be able to use the insights to grow your leadership towards being a more loving and thereby enabling leader. I would love it if you could share your thoughts on the videos on your preferred platform.

From Lustful to Loving Leadership

In a world driven by results, competing and survival of the fittest some basic ancient truths are lost, and leaders would benefit from understanding these core concepts. One of these core concepts is the tension between love and lust. When I use the word lust listeners often think that I will start talking about sexually immoral things leaders have been accused of etc. This is exactly the problem. The definitions of lust and love have been sexualized. In my understanding, love is the focus on someone else for their benefit. While lust is focusing on yourself for your own benefit. Within leadership this exact principle plays a role in how leaders interact with each other and their team. I aim to show the benefits of being a loving leader and the dangers of being a lustful leader and possibly challenge some of the beliefs we might have had about this. This promises to be an exciting ride!

To start the ride help me by evaluating your team via the below sheet.

As soon as you are done please mail the sheet to our consultants and we will direct you to the self evaluation sheet or mail it to you for your own insight. Hope we all can have insightful fun together.

Are you truly apart from Apartheid?

Feel Free to watch the 5 minute You Tube Video or gain even more insight by reading this extended article I wrote due to a request I received afterward. The insights within are applicable in many corporate traumatic experiences of world history. I trust you will also be able to be apart from the atrocities of your past with this information and not a part of it.

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The Satisfaction with Life Scale

After watching this video please download the PDF of the Satisfaction with life Scale by clicking on this link – SWLS

If you think this had an impact on your life, how will a training packed with similar practical insights and activities impact your life?

Speak to us about our Emotional Intelligence Capacity Booster and our ICOPE Leadership development tool.

Psychometric Assessment – Privacy Statement

Recent changes in the legislative framework in the EU and South Africa has changed the way organisations are allowed to collect and use their client’s data. Capacity Trust (through our strategic service providers Psytech International) strive for the highest levels of security with client data.

Please read the privacy statement below:

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