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From Lustful to Loving Leadership

In a world driven by results, competing and survival of the fittest some basic ancient truths are lost, and leaders would benefit from understanding these core concepts. One of these core concepts is the tension between love and lust. When I use the word lust listeners often think that I will start talking about sexually immoral things leaders have been accused of etc. This is exactly the problem. The definitions of lust and love have been sexualized. In my understanding, love is the focus on someone else for their benefit. While lust is focusing on yourself for your own benefit. Within leadership this exact principle plays a role in how leaders interact with each other and their team. I aim to show the benefits of being a loving leader and the dangers of being a lustful leader and possibly challenge some of the beliefs we might have had about this. This promises to be an exciting ride!

To start the ride help me by evaluating your team via the below sheet.

As soon as you are done please mail the sheet to our consultants and we will direct you to the self evaluation sheet or mail it to you for your own insight. Hope we all can have insightful fun together.

The Neglected Subliminal Message

So many times I have set with senior executives that had the best of intentions and still the message they sent was not received the way they would expect or was not received at all. Although the reasons for this phenomenon vary, at it’s core there is always the same concept and that is the subliminal message.

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So many actors, so few Oscars (The importance of succession planning)

This article in the Wall Street Journal caught my eye: “Warren Buffett Further Reveals Succession Plan at Berkshire Hathaway” written by Nicole Friedman. The article discusses the two candidates identified by Warren Buffet as potential candidates to take over the top job at Berkshire Hathaway when he eventually retires. This article immediately made me think of Jack Welch’s First Rule that he describes in Winning. Welch describes the process of continuously evaluating your team members to identify development areas and areas where the team members are performing well. While Welch got a lot of flak for this principle of differentiation it is only through this process of differentiation that you could get to the point where someone like Warren Buffet can identify one or two people to take over.

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Happy NOW Year – Goal Setting For Success

At the start of every year, I write an article on New Year’s Resolutions. This year I wanted to take a bit of a broader look at goals in general and goal setting in particular. There is a famous quote that says: “Goals are dreams with a deadline.” There is much wisdom in that quote as it summarises the whole idea behind what goal setting is. Thus in a nutshell goalsetting is aiming toward a specific end product or action while keeping yourself accountable for achieving that behavior/product/action by a particular date.

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Leading Trust Capacity Growth – The 4 C’s

In last week’s reading about the trust triangle we found that individuals that share more are known more and therefore easier to trust. This week I will write about the other principle mentioned in the 1st module of the ICOPE program namely the 4 C’s of trust based on the book of my dear friend Jonathan Low from Singapore. 

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