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The Implications of the Income Tax Amendment Act, 2018

During his budget speech earlier this year, Hon. C Schlettwein announced that certain areas will be targeted for tax reform, including the abolishment of manufacturing incentives, repeal of export processing zones, introduction of a dividends tax on local dividends, taxing of commercial activities of charitable institutions, taxation of trusts, providing for the taxation of foreign income and increasing of individual tax rates.

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PSAN Summer Conference 25 January 2017

25 January 2017 is a special day designed to take your business and life, to the next level.

Please save the date and book your participation:

Why?!  Namibia is financially in an ‘interesting’ difficult time: You must be prepared  for the challenges of 2017.  We need new thinking and better action plans:

Four international speakers to  talk on ‘next level’ …

ü  STRATEGY :  Next level strategy: Dr Mark Manley. Consultant to the Treasury in RSA

ü  MARKETING: Integrated social media marketing techniques: Mr Hano Jacobs CEE; Realty1; COO Paytech

ü  PEOPLE & TEAMS: Work/life integration, Unity in diversity Teams: Dr Gustav Gous, International speaker, Executive Coach, President: PSAN

ü  CREATIVITY/ EXPANSION: Creative new thinking:  Mr Fredrik Härén, Sweden: Best speaker award. Consultant to International Brands

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Woman in Leadership

Women in PowerAugust is women’s month in our part of the world. Internationally Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March, we celebrate women on the 9th of August. We have decided to have a look at women in leadership to add to this important celebration. Currently we have an unprecedented number of women in leadership positions around the world. The democratic party in the USA have just nominated their first female candidate to run for the presidency. Hillary Clinton, if she’s elected, will join an illustrious group of women who are in positions of power around the world. 

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Secret Salaries – Busting the Myth of Unfair Pay Practices

Secret Salaries

Secret Salaries

The video in this post has been trending on several social media sites in recent weeks. In our leadership training courses we have often discussed salary as a means of motivation with the delegates who attend the training.

The problem created by keeping salary information secret according to David Burkes is that it creates information asymmetry which leads to the possibility where people may get exploited or even in severe cases to total market failure.

I have often asked the question why people keep salaries secret and the question is answered to some extent by Burkes in this video. 

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