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Emotional Intelligence & Profitability cont. 3 – Understand

In our last discussion we started by mentioning the importance of recognizing emotions in this section I would like to emphasize the   importance of understanding where these emotions come from.

We can only manage something effectively when we have a clear understanding of its origin. In my training’s and in one on one sessions it has often surprised me how different peoples opinion about the origin of emotions are.

These are some of the answers I have heard to the question “where do your emotions come from”:

  • From my heartsharing_thoughts_anim_150_clr_13979
  • From my environment
  • From inside
  • From other people
  • From the past
  • From my thoughts

I tend to believe that the true origin is the last point i.e. your thoughts. As I mentioned in the previous post this sounds very simple, but is really is not. The complexity comes from the areas that influence your thoughts.



Emotional intelligence & Profitability cont. 3

Welcome back! In our last Blog we started with the first element of Emotional Intelligence which is Recognizing Emotions. Today I would like to consider the second element which is Understanding where  your and other people’s emotions come from.

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Emotional Intelligence & Profitability cont. 2 – Recognise

Still on our way to getting more informed on how EQ makes our organisation more profitable and with the last post we decided to get more clarity on the meaning of EQ so that we can understand its place in organisational profitability more. Lets return to those three words giving greater clarity on EQ namely:

  • Recognize,
  • Understand and
  • Managing

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Emotional Intelligence & Profitability cont. 1

Thank you for your comments on the question about what is Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It is always fascinating on what people think EQ ia all about and it explains why so many people do not understand how this could make a organisation more profitable.

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Emotional Intelligence & Profitability

Hi All,

Many People struggle to see the link between Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Profitability. I have made the decision to attempt proving that EQ does make the organisation that invests in it more profitable. I thought this would be a daunting task, but the more I think about it and research the topic I see how easy this is going to be.

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