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Anger Management Intro


When confronted with anger most people are less equipped than they would like to be. When this anger comes from within this anger is even more destructive since it follows them wherever they go.

The common misconception about anger is that it is always found in men and that it is always directed towards others or the outside world.

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Using the Pygmalion Effect to grow your Team

SculptureTo explain the day to day repeated “rules” impacting our lives one often refers to them as an effect. One such effect is the Pygmalion Effect. This effect that impacts our work and social life profoundly is based on the Legend of Pygmalion. It is said that Pygmalion sculpted the lady of his dreams and fell in love with his creation. Driven by the desire to see her alive he asked the goddess of love to give her life and his request was granted. This resulted in Pygmalion having his dream come true.

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How to get your team moving towards your vision! Step 4

Culturation – Ownership

When attempting to make the vision or the change part of the culture we should be extremely careful of thinking within short term measures. Leaders often give up a drive towards a culture change towards a new vision just before they reach the curve in which more acceptance of the vision and buy in is soon to be achieved. I have often been surprised by leaders reporting to me in utter desperation that they believe the vision will never be achieved just to return the next meeting rejoicing about the puzzle pieces falling into place. This often depends on the choice they made to push through or see what they can learn from failure before they even failed (falling to the wild horse thoughts).

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How to get your team moving towards your vision! Step 3


When the vision needs to get legs the wild horse attacks the confidence. With the insecurities of the followers the vision starts to become overwhelming and the followers might seem unwilling. If the leader is not careful within this setting the wild horse within him/her might sound the alarms of rebellion and cause him/her to throw accusations towards the team that cause even greater feelings of inadequacy. This would result in more confidence erosion and even greater drops in effectiveness.

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How to get your team moving towards your vision! Step 2


When presenting the new vision the leaders often enter with the subconscious fear that they will be facing resistance. This fear plays itself out in their body language and tone of voice which makes up more than 90% of your communication power. The listeners will therefore believe the body instead of the spoken word.

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