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Amazing feedback from the first module of ICOPE


Wow what a great feedback on the ICOPE Module 1

The latest group to complete the Leading I gave feedback on it and the results amazed even us. Below are the 5 most amazing feedback’s that blew us away:

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Emotional Intelligence and Rehabilitation of Prisoners

eq-crimeEmotional Intelligence and Rehabilitation of Prisoners

As at first the intelligent quotient arrest a lot of attention, psychologists have identified many more areas of intelligence, which include: fluid intelligence, crystallized intelligence, social intelligence, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence etc. These areas are all indices of adjustement (Salovey and Mayer 1990; Goleman 1995; Zohar and Marshall 2000; Animasahun 2003; Jimoh 2007). Adjustment is defined as the utilization of skills and experiences that facilitate personal integration into the society and environment they live in. It describes the adaptation of a person to keep pace with changes in its environment. Adjustment makes there a difference for excellence because only an adjusted person can be productive in the environment he belongs to (Animasahun 2003).

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Speak Better: Learn from Others successes and mistakes

silke_headshot-5-von-12Learning from others – with Silke von Seydlitz

I attended the launch of Tshiwa Trudie Amulungu’s book ‘Taming my elephant’ ( at the University of Namibia last week. What an experience of truly Namibian speeches!

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How to get rid of Malware in your Team?

malwareDo you have Malware in your Team?


We just recovered from the surprising attack of malware on our site. We did not know whether we should rejoice or be upset by the incident. These malware hooligans attack sites that generate most traffic and since they attacked us we must be doing something right! It was upsetting since anyone that wanted to go onto the site got a red screen indicating that we are infected with malware and they should not interact with our site. This was disheartening to say the least since we try to give our best to our clients via the Capacity Trust website. We immediately invested financially in ways to rid our website from the malware.

This incident made me wonder how many of the organisations have staff that function just as this malware. How many of the companies are unaware of staff that scare clients away with the red flags that they see popping up all around them. It is tragic that, in the economic difficulties many companies face, cut backs are being made on the one thing that could improve their profitability and general functioning. This thing I am talking about is Emotional Intelligence Training.

Emotions drive our behavior. Emotions in themselves are not bad or good. The behavior that flows from them cause the environment to perceive them as bad or good. When the emotions are managed effectively (which are skills taught in emotional intelligence training) the behavior that flows from them is more conducive to growth. It is the inability of people to manage these feelings that turns them into malware themselves or those “good” parts that could attract clients that never get exposed to the potential clients.

The FINANCIAL BENEFIT or Return on Investment that Emotional Intelligence Training offers has been well documented and I tried to put it into a excel spreadsheet to allow companies to see the benefit to the organisation in investing into an Emotional Intelligence Training. Please find that sheet below:


We are available at all times to assist you in the above calculation since we are 100% confident that we can make a difference in your organisations PROFITABILITY.

Speaking Better: Are you handling your words with care?

Are you handling your words with care? –  with silke_headshot-5-von-12Silke von Seydlitz



The way you say things is as important as what you say.

Even your most inspiring, important, meaningful message can sound absolutely flat if you fail to ignite your listeners’ passion through how you say it.  Here are a few strategies for making the most of the words you use.

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