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Are you truly apart from Apartheid?

Feel Free to watch the 5 minute You Tube Video or gain even more insight by reading this extended article I wrote due to a request I received afterward. The insights within are applicable in many corporate traumatic experiences of world history. I trust you will also be able to be apart from the atrocities of your past with this information and not a part of it.

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The Satisfaction with Life Scale

After watching this video please download the PDF of the Satisfaction with life Scale by clicking on this link – SWLS

If you think this had an impact on your life, how will a training packed with similar practical insights and activities impact your life?

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The Deep Connection between Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness – Kim Hoogestraat

The Deep Connection between Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

Different research has shown that mindfulness is a relevant underlying process when developing and enhancing emotional skills.

This article demonstrates some insight into the application and effectiveness of Emotional Intelligence through mindfulness practice in both personal and work life resulting in an enriched life and fulfilled career.

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