Risk is an inevitable by-product of almost any activity. This holds true to the risk factors associated with hiring decisions, which are no more so evident than when hiring managers or leaders. While it is often not possible for organizations to eliminate their exposure to such risks entirely, organisations can work to understand the risks and manage their exposure more effectively by investigating individuals’ tendencies towards counterproductive behaviour. Personality Derailers help identify such challenging behaviours.

The Derailers Report describes respondents’ Fifteen Factor Questionnaire Plus (15FQ+) assessment results in terms of a series of dysfunctional behaviours that can present challenges for organisations in a variety of work settings. The dysfunctional behaviours assessed in this report have been developed from the American Psychiatric Association and the World Health Organisation’s systems for classifying personality disorders and from the seminal work of Theodore Millon on dysfunctional personality types. Despite the origin of these behaviours it should be noted, however, that the report does not assess clinical problems, but rather personality types that can be problematic in work settings.